MSTEP: Concussion & Exercise Research Program

Researchers at Seattle Children's Hospital are testing a virtual exercise program aimed helping children and teens with persistent concussion symptoms feel better. Join our study today!

Study Snapshot

Ages 11-18

Concussion In Past Year And Not Feeling Better

Compensation Provided Up To $365

Weekly Video Coaching Calls for 6-weeks via Zoom

Can Do All Visits From Home

Study Background

Still experiencing symptoms from a concussion injury?

The MSTEP (Mobile Subthreshold Exercise Program) is a virtual exercise program designed to help youth ages 11-18 feel better and get back to their usual activities after a concussion. MSTEP is completely virtual, so participants can join from anywhere!

Join our study! Compensation for participating teens and parents is provided.

Additional Information

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate whether a virtual exercise program can help children and teens with persistent concussion symptoms get better more quickly. 

You may qualify for this study if you meet the following criteria.

Key Criteria:

  • 11-18 years old
  • Experienced a concussion within the past year and still having symptoms
  • Not cleared to play sports

If you decide to join this study, you will be placed into one of two exercise programs and meet with a health coach once a week for 6 weeks. The coach will guide you through the exercise program and make sure you are tolerating one level before advancing you to the next. You will also be asked to complete surveys at different points in time and wear a monitor on your hip to measure your activity. The entire study will last about 6 months. 

Children and teens can receive up to $255 as a thank you for participating in the study and parents can receive up to $110. 

There is no cost to participate in this study.