Change Your Smoking Habits
Join Our E-Cigarette Research Study

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center are partnering with individuals who smoke cigarettes to evaluate the effect of switching to e-cigarettes. Join our virtual study today.


Smoke Cigarettes

interested in trying e-cigarettes

21 Years and Older

Willing to consent to blood draw

Live in Texas

Study Background

We’re interested in finding out the effects of switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. If you have smoked tobacco products in the past 30 days, you may be a good fit for this study.

During the study, you will either continue to smoke your usual brand of cigarette or vape the study e‐cigarettes provided to you. We will ask you to try to vape only the study e‐cigarettes we give you or only your usual brand of cigarettes.

Your participation in this study may help future researchers improve treatment approaches for smoking cessation. Further research today and join our compensated study!

Additional Information

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate the effects of switching from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

You may qualify for this study if you meet the following criteria.

Key Criteria:

  • Smoke cigarettes regularly
  • 21+ years old
  • Interested in trying electronic cigarettes to change your smoking behavior
  • Willing to have blood & urine samples taken, either at home or an approved collection site
  • No history of lung cancer
  • No uncontrolled or unstable medical conditions
  • Not pregnant, breastfeeding, or likely to become pregnant

The entire study can be completed from your home. All visits are completed virtually by Zoom or telephone. You may be required to provide urine & blood samples, which will either be collected by a company that comes to your home, or you may come into the study clinic.

During the main part of the study, which lasts 6 months, you will either keep smoking your usual brand of cigarettes or you will receive e-cigarettes to vape. We will provide the e-cigarette cartridges to you.

Compensation is provided for your time if you qualify for the study.

There is no cost for you to participate in this study.