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Living with HIV? Join our Research Study.

Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital want to learn more about how health and relationship experiences impact HIV treatment outcomes among men.

Fast Facts

Living With HIV & have a prescription for oral hIV medication

In a relationship with a man

males 18-58 years old

Compensation provided

in RI, CT, mA & NY

Study Background

In this research study, we want to learn more about how alcohol use and relationship conflict impact the health of men living with HIV who have sex with men.

This study aims to examine how alcohol use, conflict with a partner, as well as other factors, impact HIV medication adherence with a combination of a baseline interview (lasting approximately 90 minutes) and 60 consecutive days of short assessments (approximately 5 minutes long). The information collected will inform future efforts to develop interventions to improve HIV treatment outcomes.

Compensation is provided for completing the baseline interview and each daily assessment.


Additional Information

This study aims to measure daily associations of alcohol use, conflict with a partner, other factors, and medication adherence among men living with HIV in relationships with other men.

You may qualify for this study if you meet the following criteria:

  • Cisgender male between the ages of 18-58
  • HIV positive
  • Currently have a prescription for oral HIV medication (not injectable)
  • Currently in a relationship with a man
  • Consumed any amount of alcohol (even a sip) in the last 30 days

Participation involves one initial interview lasting up to 90 minutes, followed by 60 days of short daily surveys that you can complete on your phone. 

You will receive compensation for completing the baseline survey and for each daily assessment you complete. Contact us for details.

There is no cost to participate in this study.