Sights & Sounds of Face Processing
Infant Research Studies

Researchers at Loyola University Chicago are partnering with parents of babies aged 9-12 months to learn more about how infants process information. Join one of our three research studies today!

Fast Facts

Baby 9-12 months old

born full term
(at least 38 weeks)

Compensation Provided

Conducted in chicago area

Study Background

If you have a baby between 9-12 months old, you may qualify to join one of three research studies conducted by the Loyola University Chicago Center for Research in Child Development. These studies will help us to better understand how babies process information in the world around them.

In study 1, we will learn more about how babies respond to faces from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. This may help us to understand how to stop racial biases from forming.

In studies 2 and 3, we will learn more about how dynamic, audiovisual presentation impacts the processing of faces and other stimuli. Right now, a lot of babies’ information processing is studied in response to still pictures or basic auditory information, but much of the world that we interact with daily is dynamic and audiovisual. These studies will help us to better understand how babies integrate information from multiple senses to view it as a whole.

Each of the three studies is independent from the others, and you may be asked to contribute to any of them. If you participate in more than one, each one requires its own visit.

Help us advance research on infant development today. Join one of our studies!

Additional Information

The purpose of these research studies is to learn more about how infants process faces. Specifically, we want to know how they respond to faces from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, and how they interpret visual and auditory information together.

Your baby may qualify for this study if they meet the following criteria.

Key Criteria:

  • 9-12 months old
  • Born full term (at least 38 weeks gestational age)


If you are interested but your baby is not yet 9 months old, we will contact you later when they reach the appropriate age.

Each study involves a single visit to the lab. Babies and their caregivers will be asked to set aside about 30-45 minutes for a visit to the lab, although the experiment itself will only last 10-20 minutes.

During the short study, your child will sit on your lap in front of a computer monitor. We will present pictures and video clips to your baby, including faces, objects, and Sesame Street. We will videotape your baby’s face so that we can analyze where they are looking, and measure EEG to look at brain activity. With EEG, we are measuring electrical activity on the scalp that is naturally produced in the brain. The procedure is completely harmless and non-invasive. The only risk is that your child may become bored or fussy during testing.

Eligible participants will be compensated $40 for each visit. You will also receive a picture of your baby wearing the EEG net.

There is no cost for you or your baby to participate in any of the studies.