Individuals living nationwide are invited to participate in a mental health survey research study.

Are you a self-identified women, 18-35 years old (19-35 if living in Nebraska), living in your current city or town for a consecutive period of at least six months and not planning to move or relocate in the next six months? You may qualify for a mental health survey and receive compensation up to $300!

Fast Facts

18-35 years old (19-35 if in Nebraska)

sexual minority women

has lived in their current city/town for a consistent 6 months

Compensation Provided

Conducted remotely nationwide

Study Background

InVEST is a school and work coaching program designed to help teens and young adults meet their school and work goals. In InVEST, teens and young adults can learn different skills and strategies that may help them meet their goals by developing organization skills and strategies to manage stress and procrastination.

Participation includes 4 months of weekly, 1-hour sessions focused on organizational skills, stress-management, and goal initiation with a school and work coach.

Sessions begin by assessing the young person’s goals, noting any difficulties with procrastinating, dealing with stress, or organizing their time. Sessions are then based on the specific needs of each participant. Our coach communicates and collaborates with the client’s individual therapist, school counselor, and family to build a team to support the teen to achieve these goals.

If you have experienced recent changes in your thinking, moods, or behaviors, and are struggling with school or work, you may be eligible to participate. See if you qualify today!

Additional Information

This is a longitudinal study of the impact of local and state climates of anti-LGBTQ+ stigma on mental health and recovery from sexual assault among sexual minority women.

This study is for:
-Sexual minority woman
-Age 18-35 (19-35 in Nebraska)
-Lives in one of our 507 localities of interest, has lived there for at least 6 months and not planning to relocate to another locality for the next 6 months


Study Outcomes:

Mental health, minority stress

Study Visits:

Participants will complete six online surveys (0-, 6-, 12-, 18-, 24-, and 30-month follow-ups)

Participants will be paid $25-$50 for each longitudinal survey with payments increasing by $5 at each interval (see amounts below). To increase retention, there will be a final bonus of $75 for completing all 6 surveys. Thus, participants can receive up to $300 across all surveys.

There is no cost to participate in this study.