Healthy Volunteers
Research Study

Researchers at The Ohio State University Medical Center are seeking healthy volunteers to study brain activity. Join our compensated study today!

Fast Facts

healthy volunteers

no current psychiatric medications

21-55 years old

Compensation Provided

Conducted in Columbus, OH

Study Background

Researchers at The Ohio State University Medical Center are conducting a research study to investigate brain activation during social emotional processing tasks. 

Findings from this clinical research study will help determine brain activity in participants who are regular drinkers.

This study involves MRI scans during alcohol intoxication in healthy volunteers.

Participants must not be on current psychiatric medications or have metal implants, plates, or screws. 

Further research today and join our compensated study!

Additional Information

The purpose of this clinical research study is to determine brain activation during social emotional processing tasks.

You may qualify for this study if you meet the following criteria.

Key Criteria:

  • Between 21 to 55 years old
  • No current psychiatric medications
  • No metal implants, plates, or screws (unless they are titanium)
  • Physically healthy
  • Not currently seeking treatment for alcohol abuse or dependence
  • No life history of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, organic mental syndrome, or intellectual disability
  • Not currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • No current and active medical condition requiring daily prescribed medication
  • No history of head injury associated with > 5 minutes loss of consciousness
  • Body weight is less than 300lbs

Visit 1: Screening

Visit 2: Diagnostic and behavioral assessments

Visit 3: Drug or placebo and MRI scan visit

Visit 4: Placebo or drug and MRI scan protocol

Visit 5: Study close-out visit

Compensation is provided up to $575 for your time.

There is no cost for you to participate in the study.