Healthy Weight Loss for Teens Research Studies

The Center for Weight, Eating and Lifestyle Science (WELL Center) at Drexel University is developing evidence-based programs to help teens improve their eating patterns and learn stress-management skills. Join one of our compensated studies today!

Fast Facts

teens 14-19 years old

higher weight & want to lose weight

Compensation Provided

Conducted in Philadelphia & Nationwide

Study Background

Building healthy relationships with food and exercise can be tough for teens! We’re currently conducting two research studies:

  1. A hybrid (in-person and remote), 6-month, evidence-based program for teen girls to build healthy eating habits, improve body image, and reduce stress.
  2. A fully remote study aimed at improving eating and sleeping patterns among teens.


If you think you or your teen might be eligible, apply today! Once you fill out the screening form, our team can decide which study is a good fit for you.

The WELL Center’s Child and Adolescent Program provides many specialty treatments to better regulate adolescents’ eating and/or weight through ongoing research. Some information about our research program:

  • We offer programs for eating disorder or weight management
  • All programs provided are free
  • None of our programs include medications
  • Many programs can be completed entirely from home, and others are in-person

Additional Information

The purpose of these research studies is to evaluate the effectiveness of two different programs for teens 14-19 to improve eating patterns and self-regulation.

Teens who meet the following criteria may qualify for one of our two studies.

Key Criteria:

  • 14-19 years old
  • Higher weight and want to lose weight
  • No significant weight loss in the past 6 months
  • No conditions prohibiting physical activity
  • If currently on a weight loss medication, willing to stop

The first study involves 5 study assessments (baseline, mid-treatment, post-treatment, 6 month follow up, and 12 month follow up). This is a group-based intervention with 9-18 treatment sessions over 6 months.

The second study involves 3 study assessments (baseline, mid-treatment, post-treatment). This study is fully remote and participants will be recruited nationwide. Enrolled participants will receive 16 weeks of treatment.

Compensation is provided up to $445 for the in-person project or up to $270 for the remote project.

There is no cost for you to participate in either study.

Although there are no direct benefits from completing this survey, your responses may help you find a research study that is a good fit for you.

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