Thanks so much for answering these questions! We really appreciate your contribution to helping advance knowledge on alcohol use among young adults. We hope that this study will produce knowledge that will be able to help other young adults like you one day.

The research team will now review your responses to the screen in detail to make a final determination on your eligibility for the study and we will reach back out to you via email in 1-2 business days.

  •       If you are not eligible for this study, the research team will email you a list of nationwide resources, and we encourage you to reach out to these resources if you feel you need additional support.
  •       If you are eligible for this study, the research team will send you a personalized link to your online survey, which you can earn $5 for completing. Once you complete your survey you will receive information on the next steps of the study.

Please reach out to the research team at or 314-362-9003 at any time if you have any questions!