BCFS00837-MountSinai-Hurd-OUD [Screening Form Consent]

  Effective Date: 2/27/2024 End Date: 11/20/2024 Thank you for your interest in our study! Having gone over some basic information about the study, we would like to ask you a few questions regarding medical, legal, and drug use history in order to determine your initial eligibility. This information will be kept confidential and will […]

BCFS00941-UCF-Meshesha-AUD [Screening Form Consent]

TITLE OF STUDY: mReACT PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Lidia Meshesha, PhD KEY INFORMATION: The following is a short summary of this study to help you decide whether or not to be a part of this study. More detailed information is listed later on in this form. Why am I being invited to take part in a research […]

BCFS00594-WUSTL-CavazosRehg-AlcoholUse [NotEligible]

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you feel you may need additional support at this time, please consider reaching out to one of the nationwide resources below: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and alcoholism (NIAAA) Website: https://alcoholtreatment.niaaa.nih.gov  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Helpline Phone: 1-800-662-4357 / Website: https://www.samhsa.gov/find-help/national-helpline  National Alliance on […]

BCFS00594-WUSTL-CavazosRehg-AlcoholUse [Screening Form Consent]

The purpose of the screen is to see if you are eligible to participate in the full study in which you can complete a survey about alcohol use behaviors and experiences of discrimination and/or microaggressions for gift card compensation. You may also be selected to take part in testing a mobile assessment tool for 7-days […]

BCFS00594-WUSTL-CavazosRehg-AlcoholUse [Thank You]

Thanks so much for answering these questions! We really appreciate your contribution to helping advance knowledge on alcohol use among young adults. We hope that this study will produce knowledge that will be able to help other young adults like you one day. The research team will now review your responses to the screen in […]

BCFS00594-WUSTL-CavazosRehg-AlcoholUse [Landing Page]

Apply Now Race-Related Stress Research Survey Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis are conducting a research study on race-related stress and discrimination. Join our compensated study today! See If I Qualify Fast Facts Research Study on racial microaggressions compensation provided Conducted Remotely Study Background Some individuals are disproportionally exposed to stressors, such as racial […]