BCFS00551-UVA-Mattos-Insomnia [Thank You – Eligible]

Congratulations – it sounds like this study is so far a good fit for you. The next step is to complete a more in-depth screener by following this link to submit an interest form there: SHUTi MIND Once you fill out that screener, we will contact you within the next couple of days regarding your […]

BCFS00551-UVA-Mattos-Insomnia [Landing Page]

Apply Now SHUTi MIND Research Study Researchers at UVA Health are seeking people ages 65+ with memory concerns and sleeplessness for a research study examining the impact of sleep on brain health over time for older adults. Join today! See If I Qualify Fast Facts 65+ years old struggling with Insomnia or sleeplessness & have […]